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Please list the accounts for which you would like to receive e-Statements (you may elect to receive an e-Statement for any account for which we provide a periodic statement.)


By clicking the submit button below, I/we request and consent to receive E-statements on the accounts listed above. I have received, read, and will comply with the Electronic Statement Agreement and Disclosure Statement as provided in its entirety. In summary, I understand that by enrolling:

  • I will receive my periodic statements, change in terms, notices, and any other disclosures electronically as an emailed attachment from Rayne State Bank for the accounts I have selected.
  • I will no longer receive paper statements in the mail for the accounts I have selected unless, after two attempts, the e-statement is deemed undeliverable; then paper statements will be mailed and appropriate fees charged until notified otherwise.
  • My E-statements will be generated on my normal statement cycle date.
  • I have been provided, and will comply, with the Bank's hardware and software requirements that are needed to access and retain my E-statements.
  • I will notify the Bank immediately of any change in my email address or complications relating to the electronic receipt or access of my E-statements.
  • I understand that the Electronic Statement Agreement and Disclosure in its entirely is located on the Bank's website, www.bankonnet.com, under the "Disclaimer/Privacy" tab.
  • I will be charged a $2.00 fee for each paper statement that is provided to me while I am enrolled in the Electronic Statement service.
  • At any time, I or any joint account holder can withdraw this consent by telephoning the Bank at (337) 334-3191 or (337) 235-2062, emailing the bookkeeping department at rsbtmt@bankonnet.com, or writing to the Bank at P.O. Box 129, Rayne, LA 70578. There will be no fee for canceling this service.

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