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Business Loans

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Rayne State Bank can offer you a wide range of Business or Commercial Loans to fit all your needs, including Small Business Administration (SBA) and USDA Business and Industry loans. Listed below are typical commercial loans available to you:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Real Estate
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle
  • Inventory
  • Working Capital
It's a small world that's made even smaller through technology, and we have everything your business needs to keep growing. So call us today at 337.334.3191, 337.235.2062, or 888.625.3660, or contact us at Customer Services for someone to contact you.

Commercial Loan
Term loans tailored to fit your commercial needs. Business loans for owner-occupied real estate term loans; working capital; SBA loans equipment, vehicle loans, etc.

Real Estate Loan
We offer many terms for the purchase or refinancing of your office building, plant, or facility. We are able to offer flexible terms and rates to suit your business plan. We can help you preserve your capital by utilizing the SBA loan program to finance a portion of the loan at low market rates.

Agricultural Loan
Rayne State Bank and Trust Co. was a pioneer in USDA and FSA Guaranty lending to farmers. Although we always made loans to local farmers, we were not able to expand into other markets until we became an Approved Lender and eventually a Certified Lender. Our loan program is one of the strongest in Louisiana. We are committed and can personally assist you with any question about your loan. You'll never have to speak to a computer, unless you want to, and we'll return your call the same day it is made. Your loan approval is faster when you bank with us!

It's faster because we believe that banking should be a breeze, not a bother. We give courteous and expedient service to everyone, not just a select few. And, getting to know our customers is a way of life at our bank; this is why our motto is:

"Banking, Pure and Simple."

After all, we've been banking for over half a century—we know what it takes to get the job done. So whether you need a loan for your crops, equipment, or land, give us a call. We'll exceed your expectations.

What will I need to apply for a loan with Rayne State Bank?
Whether you're applying for a guaranteed loan or not, we request a five-year history of your crop yields, when applicable, and also a copy of your tax returns for the last five years. Verification of all other income, including employment verification for an employed spouse, is required.

What if I am just starting out? Can you help me?
Of course, whenever we can, we do our best to assist our new farmers in getting established. You will probably apply for a guaranteed loan, which will be secured by your crops and equipment and FSA Guaranteed. To help you get an idea of what you should earn in the first years, we take parish averages of crop yields. We also ask for letters of recommendation from other farm employers you have worked for. If you need an equipment loan, we do our best to help you with that, also.

To find out more about us or for more information about applying for an agricultural loan, call 337.334.3191 or 888.625.3660. You may also contact us to set up an appointment or request information.
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