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Additional Business Services

More of Our Business Services

A small fee may be charged for some of the convenience services listed below. Fees may be assessed for:

Account Research
In most cases, Rayne State Bank offers immediate turnaround for account research. We know that information and time are valuable, so we maximize the first and minimize the second through this service.

ACH Direct Deposit/Payment
Rayne State Bank works with all federal, state, and local government agencies, local employers, and other businesses to allow for direct deposit to or automated payment from your Rayne State Bank checking or savings account.

Bank by Mail
You may bank by mail, making Rayne State Bank as close as your mailbox. Enjoy the convenience of banking without a trip to the bank.

Official Checks
Rayne State Bank will draw a Cashier's Check for you whenever you may be required to assure payment to a third party.

Collection Items - Drafts/Coupons
Redemption of checks payable through foreign banks, bond coupons, and other noncash items requiring special handling.

Redemption of draft payable through foreign banks, and other noncash items requiring special handling.

Money Orders
For those times when you can't use cash, personal checks, credit cards, or debit cards, Rayne State Bank offers convenient money order service for all your needs.

Night Depository / Drive-Through Facility
Working late? Got an early morning meeting? Our night deposit service offers you the security and safety of making deposits before or after regular business hours. Just drop your deposit in the night depository of any Rayne State Bank office. For our business customers, we'll be happy to provide a key to access the bulk deposit slot of the night depository.

Notary Service
We will be glad to notarize documents for our customers. Please contact our Call Center to inquire which location can best assist you. A fee may apply.

Safe-Deposit Boxes
For important, valuable documents and items, we offer a secure, fire-protected safe-deposit box. A variety of sizes is available to meet your needs.

Sweep Accounts
Make the most of your money by automatically investing excess operating funds into the sweep account while retaining availability to cover checks if needed.

VELMA Telebank™ Telephone Banking
Welcome to VELMA, Rayne State Bank's Vocal Electronic Link to Monetary Accounts system. Some of you may remember Velma a former employee who is a dear friend and was an important part of our bank.

VELMA 24-hour automated banking service is an easy way to do your banking any time of the day or night, and it's only a phone call away. Just call the Rayne State Bank—VELMA at 337.873.BANK (2265), 337.261.5192, or 800.324.5817, and the bank is at your fingertips. To use the Rayne State Bank—VELMA, you need the following:
  1. A touch-tone telephone
  2. Your account number(s)
  3. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)*
    *Please contact Customer Services for PIN information.

MasterCard Credit Card
Rayne State Bank's MasterCard business card can provide many rewards to our customers. Review your MasterCard statement or pay your MasterCard bill online at

Wire Transfer Service
A wire transfer is a quick and convenient way to send money from one place to another. To wire transfer money from one of your Rayne State Bank accounts, please call us at 337.334.3191, 337.235.2062, or 888.625.3660
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